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Frequently Asked Questions

Why  invest in a Drug Testing Franchise Alternative?
  • There’s  nothing proprietary about drug testing so  there is nothing a Franchisor is  selling you that they actually own other than  the name on the sign.
  • No  restricted territories. Do business and marketing anywhere.
  • No  lengthy franchise agreement where you put a lien  on your home or assets as a  guarantor to the Franchisor.
  • No  ongoing royalties and advertising fees. At the end of the month you don’t have  to write a large check and ask “What support and services did I get this month  to justify all this money?”
  • Vendors  introductions for all equipment and testing supplies needed to outfit your  business. There’s minimal equipment and supplies needed for a drug testing  business but everything you need will be covered and existing vendor  relationships of Rapid Test Center will be provided.  
  • Ongoing  24/7 phone support after the initial training  is complete for up to one year -  After the initial training the ongoing support needed is mostly a few phone  calls a week for the first few months and it tapers off after that to one call  a month after 6 months as you gain experience in the different scenarios you  will run into in this business you will not need further support. In a  Franchise system you still continue to pay that 10%-15% a month even though you  are fully functioning on your own.

Why  Rapid Test Center?
  • Over  30 years business experience
  • Extensive  Franchise and Private business experience.
  • Multiple  owners with differing backgrounds provide a wider range of knowledge and  experience.
  • The  most in depth training in the industry.  
  • The  insights provided above aren’t something you will  find on Franchisors websites  or maybe even realize before you sign the franchise agreement and it’s too  late.  This is the type of insight you can gain from  Rapid Test Center whose  owners have owned several Franchise systems and have experience with a few Drug  Testing Franchise systems and know the pitfalls of getting into that type of  long term contractual obligation.

What’s  included in the training?
  • 4  days of in-depth training at our location in  Harrisburg, PA for up to two  people
  • Classroom  training of all aspects of the Drug, Alcohol and DNA Testing  business.
  • Federal  DOT certification in Drug and Alcohol testing
  • A  brand new Handheld Breath Alcohol Tester plus accessories ($2500  value)
  • Site  Analysis - Location, Location, Location. The location, layout and costs of your  site are key decision with long term impacts on your business.    
  • Marketing  strategies - Anyone can teach marketing  strategies sitting behind a desk. With  our in depth training you will go on actual sales routes to see real life  interactions with potential new customers and see strategies for getting past  “Gate Keepers” to get your information to decision makers.  
  • Financial  analysis of all fixed and variable business expenses. See the everyday and  monthly expenses of an actual running Drug Testing business. No need to  “guesstimate” expenses.
  • Complete  list of National vendor programs and  contacts as well as introductions to key  national contacts. We will provide you  with our complete national vendor list  with contacts and make introduction to  the largest ones to assist you in  getting setup after training is  complete.
  • Paperless  drug testing - Electronic drug tests are  new to the industry for federal DOT  testing and the competition still limits  their training for drug testing on  paper chain of custodies forms. While we will definitely teach you this old  school method (slower method) of drug testing we will show you how to setup  your business so that 98% of all tests are done electronically which will  streamline your process for performing drug testing it will also speed up your  collection procedure making your time more profitable and also limiting  mistakes and keep you compliant as the electronic drug tests won’t let you  proceed if specific items are not complete.
  • Overview  of our operation and business strategies we have implemented to not only  increase revenue but provide customers with more services to win their drug  testing business.
  • Ongoing  support - This is not just 4 days of  training. We will provide ongoing support  any time of day and night for any questions ranging from the entire scope of  training and support on any new ideas you have in expanding your  business.

What  type of equipment will I need?
  • Laptop  Computer
  • Printer/Copier/Fax  Machine
  • Handheld  Breath Alcohol Tester (Provided with  training)
  • Internet  Connection

What  if I don't like selling?
  • All  business either already drug test their employees or know they should (and have  at least one horror story of what happened when they didn’t)  meaning your not  selling them something they’re not sure if they need. They don't need to be  "sold" on the idea of employee drug testing. All you're doing is letting them  know your are in their area and can provide them with superior service which is  what we focus on in Rapid Test Center Drug Testing Business  Training

Do I  need a dedicated commercial space or can I run this from my  home?
  • This type of business can be home based and mobile  only.
  • Our  business model and strategies are geared towards a commercial space or physical  collection center. Our goal is to get your new drug test business up and  running and get to "break even" as quickly as possible and many of our national  vendors require a "brick and mortar" operation for their  partners.

How  much money can I earn?
  • There  is no limit to your earning potential. Your will be providing services for a  trillion dollar industry and have multiple avenues to gain clients both thru  national vendor contacts and your local businesses all of which either do or  know they should be doing drug testing.

How  much does it cost to start?
  • A  drug testing business can range anywhere from approximately $9000 as strictly a  mobile collector to over $200,000 for brick and mortar franchise system. We  have a better solution. Call for more details  484-824-1704

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