Drug Test Franchise Alternative - Drug Testing, Alcohol Testing, DOT Physicals, CDL Physicals & DNA Testing in Harrisburg, PA at Rapid Test Center

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Your New Business
Your New Drug Testing Franchise Alternative Business:

  • Are  you interested in starting your own business?
  • Have  you been looking at Drug Testing Franchises but concerned about the ongoing  costs and requirements?

  • Rapid  Test Center offers you a solution for both…  Your own Drug Testing business at a  fraction of the cost of starting up a franchise, with NO Royalties and NO  territorial policy or territory restrictions.  

  • You  will be a fully trained and certified Drug  Collector.    
    • Fully  certified under 49 CFR part 40 guidelines. This will certify you to perform  drug and alcohol testing for all Federal DOT  departments:    
      • Federal  Motor Carrier Safety Administration  (FMCSA)
      • Pipeline  and Hazardous Material Safety Administration  (PHMSA)
      • Federal  Railroad Administration (FRA)
      • Federal  Aviation Administration (FAA)
      • Federal  Transit Administration (FTA)
      • United  States Coast Guard (USCG)  
    • Train  the Trainer - You will be certified to train DOT Drug and Alcohol Collectors.   

  • You  will also be fully trained in the following services:    
    • Non-DOT  Drug Testing
    • Non-DOT  Alcohol Testing
    • Hair  Follicle Drug Testing
    • Oral  Fluid (Saliva) drug testing.
    • DNA  Testing for Paternity, Sibling, Avuncular  (Aunt/Uncle), Grandparantage, and  much more.

  • Supervisor Training - You will be able to train your  clients to stay compliant with Federal DOT drug and alcohol  regulations.

  • Multiple streams of revenue - Introduce you to  different business opportunities that you may want to setup in your  clinic.

  • See  more under FAQ Tab

  • For  more information please call 484-824-1704

DOT Physicals
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